Since 1996, I have designed, cut and tailored period costumes after intensive research into the history of the original patterns from the Costume Museums of Venice, Paris, Munich and London. 


My passion for Art and Culture, especially from France, has allowed me to make different costumes for major cultural events in several European countries.


My experiences take place in various eras and several fields. From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance style, to the Baroque; from the XVIII century to the Empire style, etc. and especially Opera, Cinema, Theater, Ballet, Historical Reenactments, Cultural Events.


My goal is to create precious pieces, but also to show costumes that are as close as possible to the clothing reality of the era concerned, so as to achieve a fusion between the true imprint of the character, the overview of the public and what the costume should convey from the story in which it is written.


I pay attention to detail and in particular to accessories and underwears (corsets, paniers, crynoline).